Use Case #2

Led by Thales & Embraer
Intelligent Assistant in the cockpit to assist in route planning/replanning.

How can we enhance Pilot-Intelligent Assistant collaboration by using higher level interaction language based on operational intentions?

Our Solution

COMBI based assistant: Enhanced BIdirectional COMmunication for cockpit operations

Nowadays, it is very tricky to leverage pilots’ high-level intentions for operational purposes. Our new Intelligent Assistant aims to include them in mission assessment and replanning by revolutionising the Human-AI interaction paradigm in the cockpit. The new communication paradigm will leverage the COMBI (Bidirectional Communicator) concept, enabling a shared understanding of the mission and the environment and joint resolution of complex situations. COMBI will assist pilots during the flight by providing the means of translating high-level pilot intentions from the pilot to the technical parameters of the intelligent systems. Viceversa, the information feedback from the system is presented in a similar manner that allows the pilot to understand the system’s response. This approach establishes a dynamic communication process between users and the system, streamlining communication, enhancing decision-making efficiency, and effectively reducing pilots’ workload.

Use Case #2 VIDEO