Use Case #1

Led by ENAC
Intelligent Assistant in the cockpit to assist in ‘startle response’ adverse events.

How can we use AI to support pilots in effectively handling startling and surprising events in the cockpit?

Our Solution

FOCUS assistant: Flight Operational Companion for Unexpected Situations

The FOCUS AI-based assistant aims to support pilots during startling and surprising events in the cockpit. These events sometimes provoke “freeze” reactions, delay in response time or inappropriate cockpit inputs and can lead to accidents. To tackle this, FOCUS will offer real-time assistance to [End-users] commercial pilots, detecting startling events and aiding in quick recovery from complex situations. FOCUS will offer timely support and guidance, and will thus significantly enhance flight safety, enabling pilots to navigate through unexpected scenarios and mitigating risks while enhancing overall performance. All while guaranteeing a more secure and confident flying experience.

Use Case #1 VIDEO