Use Case #3

Led by Linköping University and LFV
Digital Intelligent Assistant for Urban Air Mobility coordinator to assist in traffic management.

How can a digital assistant (DUC) support human UAM Coordinators in routine tasks and contingencies, opening city skies for a multitude of co-existing and sometimes conflicting drone services?

Our Solution

DUC: Digital assistant for UAM Coordinator

The Digital Assistant for UAM Coordinator (DUC) monitors UAM operations, ground events, and city social life. It supports the Human UAM Coordinator in day-to-day operations (both planning and execution), handling standard tasks and providing assistance during emergencies like in-flight medical incidents. With real-time capabilities, the DUC reduces the workload of the Human UAM Coordinator, enabling them to focus on high-level strategic decision-making. This collaboration optimises operational efficiency, enhances safety, and ensures effective oversight of UAM activities. By streamlining operations and freeing up valuable time, DUC significantly contributes to the smooth coordination of UAM operations in the urban environment.